BTRoblox Extension- Driving Roblox Better (Download Here)

The BTRoblox firefox is an add-on for the Roblox site that makes it look various and enhances its core web site capability by including numerous new capabilities.

BTRoblox can alter many aspects of the way you use the Roblox website.

For instance, it can alter just how your Account page looks. (this to this). It also does things like altering the styling of the menu left wing or resizing how much is shown per blog post (truncating them).

BTRoblox uses a variety of different color themes, consisting of Black, Red, Dark As Evening, and also Default. It also deals with the problem of audio all of a sudden quiting when you struck play.

It hides the ads as well as makes it possible to download soundtracks from the Roblox sound collection.

Download and install.
Chrome Extension
Mozilla Firefox Extension

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